Our people are passionate and result-oriented.


Olivier - Managing Director

Olivier Van den Hoeck
Managing Director


Sonia - Event Project Leader

Sonia Plastria
Event Project Leader


Christophe - Event Coordinator

Christophe Folino
Event Coordinator


Natan - Video Editor

Natan De Decker
Video Editor


Suzy - Creative Director

Suzy Krol
Creative Director


Omer - Event Project Leader

Omer Ulger
Event Project Leader


Justine - Junior Event Coordinator

Justine Biren
Junior Event Coordinator


Gersende - Graphic Project Manager

Gersende de Kerchove
Graphic Project Manager

Eric - Strategic and Financial Director

Eric Vanden Borre
Strategic & Financial Director


Funda - Event Coordinator

Funda Jazigioglu
Event Coordinator


John - Video Project Manager

John Janssens
Video Project Manager


Ben - Graphic Designer

Benjamin Charlier
Graphic Designer

Iris - Office Assistant

Iris Mathieu
Office Assistant


Caroline - Event Coordinator

Caroline Van Cauwenberghe
Event Coordinator


William - Video Editor

William Thibaut
Video Editor


Vince - Graphic Designer

Ventzeslav Gueorguiev
Graphic Designer